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The Taiji Stick and Ruler Neigong is a classical method of mind-body cultivation. As the name suggests, this Neigong (i.e., Qigong) set uses a pair of wooden implements in practice – the Taiji Ruler (taiji chi 太極尺) and the Taiji Stick (taiji bang 太極棒). Although the name of the set uses the same name as Taijiquan (Tai Chi Ch’uan 太極拳) the martial art, the Taiji Stick and Ruler Neigong developed independently of Taijiquan. Other names for this set of exercises include the Guiding Qi Needle (dao qi zhen 導氣針), Stilling Mind Needle (ding xin zhen 定心針), and Heaven Earth Precious Ruler (qian kun bao chi 乾坤寶尺).

The Practice

The word Neigong means “inner practice” (內功). While Qigong is a modern term that refers to a wide range of breathing and movement exercises, Neigong is an earlier term that describes practices that build internal Qi, sometimes associated with either Inner Alchemy or Internal Martial Arts. The Taiji Stick and Ruler Neigong uses these two implements, one representing Yin and the other Yang, to help the practitioner develop internal power.

There are several sets of exercises that comprise the total repertoire of Stick and Ruler. The student starts with exercises comprised of breathing patterns, physical movement and visualizations, that strengthen and build sensation of Qi in the Dan Tian (丹田), the area of Qi cultivation in the lower abdomen. Over time the student then uses the Neigong to circulate Qi through the channels of the arms and legs, and some of the Extraordinary Vessels such as the Du, Ren and Dai. Then, later exercises develop a connection between the practitioner and Pre-Heaven Qi. Overall the Stick and Ruler Neigong is a complete system of health cultivation. Taiji Stick and Ruler Neigong is especially useful to professional acupuncturist, chiropractors, bodyworkers/healthcare providers, musicians, athletes and keyboard users.


    1    The Taiji Stick and Ruler practice helps to prevent overuse injuries as it strengthens the wrists, tendons and muscles.

    2    It develops hand, wrist and arm strength.  If you notice that you are losing hand and arm strength in performing daily tasks, such as, turning the tap, opening jars and bottles, you will find a significant improvement after practicing the Taiji stick and ruler practice.

    3    It teaches you to feel and integrate your core strength with arm movements.  

    4    It improves coordination and balance.

    5    Taiji Stick and Ruler practice will improve your circulation. No more cold hands and feet!

    6  This practice will improve your digestion. Since your digestion system is the keystone for the rest of the physiology of the body, one can extend this to improving all systems of the body.

    7  Learn to nourish your QI! This practice will have lasting effects on your nervous system and your capacity to relax more profoundly.

   8  Practicing the Taiji Stick and Ruler neigong regularly will improve your internal power and Taiji quan skill without you even being aware of it.

   9  Cultivate a quiet mind and still Heart.

All levels welcome including beginner's - no prior experience necessary.



DATE & TIME:         

Saturday July 28th, 9am - 1pm


Park at Dummerston center near church and walk to

169 Park Laughton Rd. Dummerston, VT 05346 (Michael's Place)



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