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Meditation as Medicine

Meditation is a wonderful practice for relaxation and cultivating awareness, however it can also be a powerful practice for healing the body. Come to this half-day workshop and learn how to awaken your healing power. We will explore the inner workings of meditation and investigate how it can open our energetic channels bringing more balance into our lives.

This month's focus will be on deepening our experience of the Small Heavenly Circuit. 

Small Heavenly Circuit (SHC) is considered one of the most powerful techniques in Daoist Qigong for elevating spiritual awareness. In ancient times, it was an esoteric meditation practice taught in secret to members of the imperial family by enlightened sages. Legend states that Lao Tzu achieved immortality by practicing Small Heavenly Circuit.

Please bring comfortable clothing, yoga mat and or meditation cushion

All levels welcome including beginner's - no prior experience necessary. 

Date & Time:         

Saturday September 2nd 9:30am - 12:30pm


Putney, VT 


$55 check or cash  

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