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Hunyuan Taiji Quan Bafa (Eight Methods)

Bafa – the eight methods of training the body’s intrinsic energies/strength (jin) provide the foundation of all the skills and techniques of Taijiquan.

The eight techniques of Taiji: peng, lu, ji, an, cai, lie, zhou and kao.

1. Peng: overall expanding energy.
2. Lu: energy that catches the opponent and make it come towards you.
3. Ji: energy that gets in close to the opponent but will not act on him.
4. An: energy that pushes but mainly separates from opponent.
5. Cai: energy that severs opponent by a pull or a jerk.
6. Lie (Lieh): energy that severs opponent by a even break (power on both ends or hands).
7. Zhou: energy that twists the opponent.
8. Kao: energy that is whole body action.

Come and deepen your understanding of this tremendous internal art we call Taiji Quan. We will explore the foundational energies that are fundamental to practicing the form, push-hands and silk-reeling exercises. All levels are welcomed.


Date & Time:         

Saturday February 18th 9:30am - 12:00pm


Putney/Dummerston TBA


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