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Taiji Stick (Bang) Workshop

  • Core Consciousness 222 West Street - Suite B13 Keene, NH USA (map)

Taiji Stick (Bang) for Strength and Flexibility
Conducted by Thomas Garbarino Lic. Ac.


Suitable for everyone.   No pre-requisite necessary.  
Easy and fun to do.

Masseurs, health professionals, musicians, gymnasts and keyboard users will find this
an invaluable tool in their professions.

This training is a must for all Taiji Quan, Qi Gong and Martial Arts practitioners who are serious about their development!


Discover more flexible joints and a stronger grip!

    •    Strengthens the muscles, joints and tendons

    •    Helps to prevent overuse injuries

    •    Improves hand, wrist and arm strength

    •    Strengthens the back

Benefits from this Unique Training:

    1    The Taiji Bang helps to prevent overuse injuries as it strengthens the wrists, tendons and muscles.

    2    It develops hand, wrist and arm strength.  If you notice that you are losing hand and arm strength in performing daily tasks, such as, turning the tap, opening jars and bottles, you will find a significant improvement after practicing the Taiji Bang.

    3    It teaches you to feel and integrate the back with arm movements.  You will experience this immediately with the first set of movements.

    4    It improves coordination, internal power and one’s ability to apply and escape from chin na which are joint locking techniques.  It also develops eagle claw power.

    5    Practicing the Taiji Bang regularly will improve your power and Taiji quan skill without you even being aware of it.

The Taiji Bang is easy and fun to learn.  Discover more flexible joints and a stronger grip!  


Cost:   $85 (this includes the cost of the Taiji stick)

           $50 for those repeating or already have a stick

Time: Saturday June 25th 9:30AM - 12:30PM


Core Consciousness

222 West Street - Suite B13
The Colony Mill Market Place
Keene, NH 03431



*Please note that if this is your first time attending you have to preregister in advance. Please email or call Paula.