If you are you experiencing a chronic condition such as an autoimmune disorder, chronic fatigue, arthritis, anxiety or depression, or cancer…

If you feel held hostage by your physical & emotional pain…

If you Have you reached your limit…

If you long to feel FREE in your life again…

If you feel victim to the circumstances of your situation (the physical symptoms, the burdens your heart carries, the strains on your relationships)…

You can be free in your life again.

I have served people with a laundry list of chronic illnesses and symptoms (anxiety/depression, autoimmune flares, swelling & discomfort, chronic pain, food sensitivities & allergies, infertility, and much, much more), and one thing has remained true through all of my work with clients…


I work and teach people the HOW of the healing process. Together, we co-create a sacred space in which I guide and support your greatest healing through intuitive listening and heart-centered communication. 

I designed the Illuminate YOU Program to uncover the truth of who you really are - an illuminated soul full of pure joy and radiant health.


This intensive, personalized program addresses your specific physical and emotional healing needs. In it, you will…

✔ Receive tailored guidance for your specific healing needs (such as navigating cancer, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, arthritis, Lyme, or other chronic conditions)

✔ Experience progressive healing using the power of meditation in the seated, movement and ceremony formats

✔ Feel the freedom of living without debilitating or dull symptoms every single day


What used to be an illuminated, full experience of you has become a caged in human being, surrounded by walls all over your life.

These walls show up as symptoms such as flare ups, food sensitivities, stress rejection, increased arguments, etc., keeping you away from experiencing the life you truly dream of.

✔ Living in the present moment

✔ Feeling joy in your every day

✔ Experiencing harmony in all of your relationships

✔ Regaining your health, your body & mind, and your freedom

We free you up to become a creator in your life again, no longer feeling victim to the world around you, the people you’re surrounded by, or the symptoms of your chronic illness.


This program is a good fit for you if…

✔ You are ready to heal yourself, emotionally and physically, from the inside out

✔ You’re experienced enough in your chronic condition to know there is no “quick fix” and you’re committed to long term REQUIREMENTS of healing

✔ You have tried other healing modalities (both on your own & with the guidance of professionals), yet you still haven’t found the full spectrum healing that you’re seeking

✔ You are willing to show up everyday and commit yourself to the practice of meditation

✔ You are ready to let go of the narrative that you believe about yourself and about how healing happens


Illuminate YOU is about getting your health back and, more than that, it’s about getting your SELF back.



Three months of 1:1 weekly healing sessions 

including heart centered coaching plus Qi Infusions directly with Thomas

Tailored weekly audios & guided meditations

that support your healing and transformation 

Unlimited text and/or voxer messages

for mini impromptu healing support whenever you need it



How much does the Illuminate YOU program cost?

What is the value of you feeling fantastic again and living a vibrant life again? What is it worth to you? Is it worth the cost of a vacation or a car payment? That exact number may be different for everyone, but for those who are really suffering with their physical and mental health, the value of getting better is priceless.

Illuminate YOU is a significant investment because the investment is not just in feeling better, it’s and opportunity to gain resources and tools to maintain a new, illuminated life. It provides you with a deeper understanding of how healing actually works and how you can start and continue to heal, over and over again. The Illuminated YOU program specifically targets YOU, your body & life, and your healing needs.

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I have a specific health diagnosis - is this the right program for me?

If you have a specific diagnosis (such as cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, Lyme or other autoimmune disease, etc.) and you’ve tried two or more healing strategies recommended by health care practitioners yet still not found the healing you're seeking, then this Illuminate YOU program is a perfect fit for you.

However, if you're looking more for a little guidance that merely compliments the healing journey you're already on (by adding things such as meditation or gentle movement), I would recommend you invest in The Healing Infusions Group instead. It's less of a financial investment each month, includes some coaching from me in the upgraded option, and works perfectly for those who are mostly satisfied with their current practitioner/s.

Is there one-on-one time involved with Illuminate YOU?

Yes! You and I will share weekly one-on-one calls for our healing sessions.

I’ve worked with enough clients to know that a lot of people with a chronic illness experience a lot of stress or depression throughout the day, so one of the things that makes this program so special is that it includes a sort of “a health concierge service.” You can email or Vox message me during the day when you need guidance and I will do what I can to help you in the moment.

How quickly will my body heal using in this program?

We work on the foundation of a person, and sometimes it can be hard to gauge how fast healing might happen (it really depends on how quickly your heart will open). Some clients experience relief in just one session, but it can take more time for others to open their heart and energy and therefore experience healing.

What I can say for certain is that when you join the program, you WILL feel better. I have seen it with clients who have Lyme, cancer, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, infertility, osteoporosis, arthritis and so much more. When you connect with the energy within your heart, deep reservoirs of healing sensations move through your body and the healing you’ve been seeking takes place.

Healing does require a certain level of momentum and commitment to change your old patterns (which is the biggest challenge for people) but if you’re ready to show up and do the work, then you WILL heal.

How does healing work over the phone?

When you sign up for the Illuminate YOU program and we have a call together, I prepare myself to go into a deeper state of consciousness - I leave time and space and I enter into another dimension. From that place, I’m able to access information about you and work on your body, sending healing energy to you regardless of where you live. While in that deeper state of consciousness, I can work on your body, mind and spirit and help your heart to open to the healing process.

During our time together, I also guide you into layers of your unconscious where a lot of limited beliefs, old traumas, shocks and stuck emotions are found. It is in this state that we can unburden your heart and heal your body (and all of that can happen over the phone… it’s pretty amazing and an experience you’ll never forget).


Your symptoms will get better with this program (and so much more than that will improve like your mental health, relationships, and daily experience). Illuminate YOU will change the trajectory of your life experience.



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