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Are you experiencing a chronic condition such as an autoimmune disorder, chronic fatigue, arthritis, anxiety or depression, or cancer?

Do you feel held hostage by your physical & emotional pain?

Have you reached your limit?

Do you long to feel FREE in your life again?

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Hi there, and welcome!

I'm Thomas, an energetic healer, coach and meditation teacher. I'm also a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. 

My many years as a healer has taught me this...

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves. 

I work and teach people the HOW of the healing process. Together, we co-create a sacred space in which I guide and support your greatest healing through intuitive listening and heart-centered communication. 

I especially love working with heart-centered people who feel trapped by their emotional and physical pain and long to get their life back. 

Although I have studied under the guidance of many masters, my greatest teacher has been my own debilitating chronic illness.

I designed the Illuminate YOU Program to uncover the truth of who you really are - an illuminated soul full of pure joy and radiant health.

I designed the Illuminate YOU Program to uncover the truth of who you really are - an illuminated soul full of pure joy and radiant health.


This intensive, personalized program addresses your specific physical and emotional healing needs. In it, you will…

✔ Receive tailored guidance for your specific healing needs (such as navigating cancer, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, arthritis, Lyme, or other chronic conditions)

✔ Experience progressive healing using the power of meditation in the seated, movement and ceremony formats

✔ Feel the freedom of living without debilitating or dull symptoms every single day


This program is a good fit for you if…

✔ You are ready to heal yourself, emotionally and physically, from the inside out

✔ You’re experienced enough in your chronic condition to know there is no “quick fix” and you’re committed to long term REQUIREMENTS of healing

✔ You have tried other healing modalities (both on your own & with the guidance of professionals), yet you still haven’t found the full spectrum healing that you’re seeking

✔ You are willing to show up everyday and commit yourself to the practice of meditation

✔ You are ready to let go of the narrative that you believe about yourself and about how healing happens


When you invest in the Illuminate You Program, you receive…

Three months of 1:1 weekly healing sessions 

including heart centered coaching plus Qi Infusions directly with Thomas

Tailored weekly audios & guided meditations

that support your healing and transformation 

Unlimited text and/or voxer messages

for mini impromptu healing support whenever you need it


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