During the session with Thomas, I felt my right lung, the most damaged one, clear and open up. For the first time since 2016 I was able to take a full breath into the lower lobe of my lung. I put my oxygen unit away and it spent the rest of the weekend in the car. 

As a side benefit, the neuropathy I have had in my feet for several years, leaving my toes mostly numb, shifted. I have now regained normal feeling in my baby toes and the improvement seems to be moving into the adjacent toes bit by bit.

 I’ve lost 5 pounds without any effort. My appetite has shifted and my body is telling me what it wants to eat and when it’s had enough.

Thank you so much for all your help, Susan Reedy, RMT


Thomas, I spent several years seeing various doctors trying to get help for an intestinal problem with no results.  Then I "found" you and you listened to me about the problems.  The acupuncture helped and then the Chinese herbs really started to work.  I can't say enough for all you have done for me both physically and mentally.

Thank you, B.W.




I began Qigong this past spring because I have struggled with significant autoimmune problems for about 8 years. 

I had gone through a traumatic event, and then a year later I got a vaccine that I had a severe adverse reaction to.  My immune system went into overdrive and led me to be basically bed-ridden for almost 3 years. I had a headache 100 percent of the time, was vomiting daily from pain, could barely sit up, developed allergies to everything: food, environment, medicines, and was overly sensitive to every single kind of stimuli. Light, smell, sound, vibration, taste...everything made me ill. I’ve been to every specialist you can think of, and still no one had an answer, except that I have chronic pain/fatigue, migraines. For the sake of survival and sanity, with not much help from doctors...I’ve had to explore many different methods of healing over the years. Acupuncture, meditation and Martial arts have been the most effective for lessening my pain and increasing functionality. 

Thomas’ Qigong class has been an immediate help for me in deepening my ability to connect with my body and tap into the natural healing power we all have. It is the most whole approach to my healing I have experienced yet. 

I do still have headaches/pain daily, allergic reactions, and emotional imbalances.  The difference now is that I have times in between that are either free of pain, or have less pain.  I have not had any serious allergic reactions this summer and I had several last year.  I have more moments of happiness, just because. Smiling seemingly for no reason. Memories have been coming back to me that I haven’t thought of in years. I hang on to those moments, and they are no doubt because of Qigong.  I want everyone I know to learn from Thomas, as I feel the benefits I am experiencing would be beneficial for anyone with or without physical or emotional trauma/pain.

Sarah Allain, Behavior Analyst




I find Thomas a remarkable and rare teacher. His presence is steady, compassionate, and deeply nourishing, as are the classes that he teaches. The benefits of this work are numerous and have deeply affected my overall strength, endurance and flexibility physically, and assisted in bringing a more present, calm and open awareness to every aspect of my life.

I recommend Thomas and his work unconditionally! 

Flo Magdalena, Founder and Executive Director of Soul Support Systems and Author





I suffered from chronic pain for years.  I saw one practitioner after another without any resolve.  I'd say that I'm now about 95% pain free and I completely attribute it to this class.

Thank YOU,

Sarah Johnson, Artist




Your gift to me, and it is of the greatest value, is the awareness that I am surrounded by the healing energy of Chi. When I am on the table, I feel this strong force moving in my physical body. It is quite amazing, and has to be experienced to be believed.

Thank you,  John Evans, Retired Journalist and Steward of the Woodlands




You are a gifted healer. I especially appreciate how well you listen, your honesty, non-judgemental attitude, and ability to translate what I have to tell you into a meaningful treatment plan. 

For me, you are an excellent example of someone who is really good at many aspects of a life well-lived through the wisdom of Tai Chi, QiGong, and other related modalities you have learned over time that have helped you.

Best Wishes, C.S.




Barbi Paul,.jpg

We have been students of meditation and the healing arts for more than 4 decades and have encountered many teachers in these disciplines along the way. Some have been very gifted and filled with potential for sharing. Of this assemblage, Thomas Garbarino is without question one of the brightest lights. We have studied Qigong and Tai chi with Thomas for the past five years and members of our family have also received his acupuncture treatments. The distinguishing marks of Thomas are his patience, deep calm and expansive yet humble holding of thousands of years of traditional healing from the Orient. As a teacher of the internal arts of Qigong and Tai chi, it is unquestionable that he has transformed and blessed our lives, leaving us with a growing seed from these great traditions that will, with grace, follow us and blossom into our later years. As a practitioner of acupuncture, Thomas has been uncannily capable of lifting us individually when we were faced with more acute needs for a therapeutic boost. It is with great confidence that we recommend Thomas. We have no doubt that if anyone is in need of the ancient roots of traditional wisdom and love, Thomas will not fail them.

Paul and Barbi Schulick, Founders of New Chapter


More than ten years ago in my early sixties, a bad fall led to the surgical reattachment of my rotator cuff tendon. Recovery was fast, but over time arthritis developed in that shoulder. The downward spiral of pain from inhibited motion and reduced activity left the arm almost useless. Months of physical therapy helped, but didn’t really solve the problem.
I signed up for QiGong over a year ago and found that the continuous stick exercise did indeed help to relieve some of the pain. About six months ago I started semi-monthly health healing sessions with Thomas. Those sessions, along with my dedicated daily stick practice and supplemental home-based exercises, have made such a remarkable difference that the pain is gone, I have full range of motion, and I’m regaining noticeable         strength in my shoulder and arm as well. I’ve always been very active so working outside maintaining our gardens and property, carrying firewood, and shoveling snow are no longer a problem, thanks to Thomas!

Phil Kimball  Retired Naval Architect and Marine Consultant


Thomas, I believe you have a natural gift to teach.  You have reserves of patience and compassion, and are very supportive of your students to learn and grow.  These qualities are evident in the patient, kind and clear method which you outline what you are teaching, and then the gentle way you correct the student.  In watching you with other students, I witness that you treat all of us equally, with respect and love.

You have a deep knowledge and understanding of the practice I have chosen to study, and I feel safe in your care while learning tai chi.  You share your wisdom in a way that is easy for me to understand, yet you stretch me enough to keep me interested and intrigued.  You continue to learn and grow in your own practice, which I admire and believe is essential in a teacher.  I appreciate your knowledge of TCM and am enjoying your explanations of how it relates to tai chi.

Thank you and Take care, S.P.


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