Real Healing Begins With the Heart


As an energetic healeracupuncturistChinese herbalistmartial artist and passionate lover of nature, I'm especially devoted to working with clients who are suffering from chronic ailments or severe health challenges, including cancer.

I've been a licensed practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture since 2006. My passion for Qigong and Taiji Quan spans over 15 years, including international study with Masters Wang Fengming (Hunyuan Taiji Quan & Qigong), Sifu Dimitri Mougdis (Yang Style Taiji Quan). I am a certified qigong teacher and practitioner under the guidance of Master Chunyi Lin - Spring Forest Qigong and Master Robert Peng - Dan Ming Qigong.

My approach to healing practice is innovative, yet deeply traditional. I bring all of my expertise to the moment we meet in order to inspire you to create a Reset Point within your body.

I believe that true healing comes from within the heart. 

Together, we co-create a sacred space in which I guide and support your greatest healing through intuitive listening and heart-centered communication.

For more information regarding my upcoming classes, workshops and healing practice, please visit my Services.