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My name is Thomas Garbarino, and this powerful meditation practice that has personally helped me and hundreds of other people to heal from physical & emotional illness.

I don’t know what illness you’re facing (maybe it’s an auto-immune disorder, chronic fatigue, arthritis, anxiety or depression, or cancer), but I do know that you don’t have to live with this illness forever.

You have the power to heal yourself.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed and are in the care of a medical doctor, or you’ve spent many years searching for answers & only found more uncertainty, or you’re simply ready to overcome an illness that you’ve struggled with for most of your life…

You can heal, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be on your support team.

I learned this special meditation many years ago when I first began my own healing journey (you can read my story HERE).

What I love about this meditation is, regardless of what is happening in my life physically or emotionally, it always helps settle me down into a more peaceful, relaxed place within myself.

It is so simple! Anyone can do it!

With consistent practice, this meditation has the power to start (or amplify) your physical & emotional healing journey, and it will also benefit how you relate with others (your family, friends, co-workers) and, most importantly, with yourself.

This audio meditation can be used in many different ways:

✔ Release stress within your day

✔ Experience deep relaxation

✔ Improve the quality of your sleep

✔ amplify Self-healing and self-awareness

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