Spring is here!

Perspective and Vision are energetic qualities of early Spring

Perspective and Vision are energetic qualities of early Spring


Moving from the Start of Spring to Rain Water

Last week we moved from the Start of Spring to Rain Water (Ancient Chinese names for this season). When we say rain water, we do not only mean actual rain. It also means the wetness and humidity you start to feel all around you and in the soil. The earth is coming out of the frozen time of year and the eternal warmth of the earth is defrosting everything that was frozen.

The change that's happening now is the birth of things that have been dormant like plans, creativity, visions. There is now an opening for those plans, creativity, and visions to come through. 

We are moving into a spaciousness.

If you have had ideas brewing, keep in mind that it's important to strike while the iron is hot and take advantage of the creative energy that is flowing. Get creative now. Don't wait until November to start thinking and planning. 

While this is happening around us, the Yellow Emperor's Classic (Huangdi Neijing) recommends to walk more and move more. I recommend walking in Nature. In Japan, they call it shinrin-yoku "forest bathing", the Japanese practice of connecting deeply with nature. It is a practice that involves all the senses and has extraordinary effects on health and happiness. Watch the video below for my favorite "forest bathing" collecting Maple sap!

Some of the things that go along with walking are practicing Taiji Quan and/or Silk Reeling Qigong, otherwise known as Chan si gong. It's so good at moving the joints in a nice relaxed, circular way, allowing openness, flexibility and flow. Read below for more information about Saturday's Art of Silk Reeling Workshop.

Also recommended is the Spraying Qi Empowered Breathing, which is excellent for detoxifying the body. You can follow along with me in the videos available in the Healing Infusions Group and learn how to incorporate the movements with your breathing. 

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Qigong and PTSD


My Journey with PTSD

PTSD is in the media a lot these days, and many of us are dealing with it personally. People come home shell-shocked from wars and other violent experiences; these days there are many ways people experience various forms of trauma in their life. Some might experience a milder version of it. Many times, people don’t even realize they have PTSD until they are diagnosed, or become aware of the condition another way. They are stunned by it, or at least that was my own experience.

I had no idea that I was experiencing PTSD.

As a child, I experienced many different forms of trauma. Growing up in a culture where it was more acceptable to "think" than "feel" I learned early on to brush my feelings off. I had convinced myself that traumatic situations were normal, and that everyone probably experienced life like I had. I was surrounded by adults that just didn’t know how to communicate. Their assumptions about kids not needing to know ultimately created more stress and confusion for me and the other children involved.

It wasn't until much later in my adult life when I walked into a hospital (just as I did quite a bit as a child), I suddenly became aware of the smell of the hospital, the sounds of the monitors buzzing, the intercoms...and Immediately my body would go into what I now know as shock.

My body would start to get cold and I would start trembling. My mind felt slow. It was hard to relax. All I wanted to do was get in that crouched position. I felt frozen.

I would get to the point where my cognition would stop working and I couldn’t hold a conversation. I wasn't able to comprehend or understand what was happening. The first time I just brushed it off. I told myself it was just a weird bug or something. However, it happened again and again. This has been my reality for much of my early adult life.

As time passed and I developed more awareness through my meditation and qigong practice I was able to breathe through the intense waves of PTSD and keep myself from drowning in it’s grip. My nervous system still feels the shock from the traumas long ago, however, now with the help of qigong the volume and intensity is significantly lower.

Of all the techniques I have learned from qigong, I have found the Qi Empowered Breathing to be one of the best for situations dealing with PTSD. This intensive breathing technique mixed with a relaxed focus allows the mental awareness to drop deep into the nervous system and ultimately releasing the negative messages stored there. To learn more about PTSD and how qigong can help click the link below: www.healinginfusionsgroup.com

To understand more about PTSD and how it affects our nervous system Thomas Recommends reading "Waking The TIger: Healing Trauma" by Peter Levine                                                     

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