Are you following your dream?

                            “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao Tzu

                            “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao Tzu

Sitting comfortably in a chair at home, I find myself wandering back to memories of my family's cross country trek over the last 3 months. I take a deep breath.

It’s so easy now to look back and see why this sabbatical was essential for the health of my family, but it wasn’t always so easy.

There were many reasons not to do it: there were all the "should’s" and the doubts, along with people’s judgement that were occupying my thoughts; the pressure of not continuing my successful private practice and teaching schedule was limitless. I had created the perfect dilemma.

It’s moment like these that define our character - Who we are. What we stand for. I had a dream that began a long time ago. I was a young boy, the youngest of two. My mother and father wanted to take my brother and I across the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat, followed by a year or so of living in Europe. My father, being the son of an Army Captain during WWII, spent some of his adolescence living in Germany, post war. He wanted us to see the world, just as he had. But then something terrible happened....

My brother and I were outside playing with our neighborhood friends when one of our friend's mother ran out with a deeply concerned look on her face shouting, “GO HOME RIGHT NOW!” We quickly got on our bikes and raced home to find out our dad was in the hospital and we needed to see him right away.

Later we learned his aorta had torn, from his heart down to his left kidney, and he was going into massive open-heart surgery that night. I can still see the colors of the wallpaper, the not-so-pleasant smells of the intensive care unit and the feeling of the cold aluminum hospital bed bars touching my body. My father was going to die. His dream of sailing across the Atlantic with his boys would have to wait for another time.

One of my Qigong teachers always says “Strike while the iron is hot!” We are making decisions in our life whether we are conscious of it or not. The moment is always ours. Sometimes the decisions we need to make aren’t easy, but necessary. I decided to follow my dream. This one is for you, Dad!

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