Warm Season Greetings

Winter Solstice is marked as the time of the year when the Yin energy (darkness) has reached it's maturation and a spark of the Yang energy (light) has begun it's return. This is obviously represented as the longest night of the year paired with the shortest day.

Why is this such an important time of the year? Especially for those of us that are interested in healing?

Darkness is the unknown. A vast space, expansive and empty. Where no-thing, no-time, no-where exist. In this dimension there is limitless possibilities and potential. The ancient Chinese would refer to it as Wuji - no extremes. These ancient masters of old would seek and tune into this darkness as much as possible. They understood the wisdom of cultivating emptiness into their lives and were well aware of the infinite gifts that come when it’s practiced daily. 

Lose yourself into nothing to be everything.

Lose yourself into nothing to be everything.

In today’s information world, living from a place of unknown is becoming more of a rarity. The need to know is increasingly in demand. We walk around with smartphones carrying libraries of information. All available to us at any moment. And the more you pay attention to it, the more of a habit it can become. This often leads to an addictive behavior of over-stimulating our senses and being unconscious. The constant checking of our email or counting how many likes we got on social media are both ways of numbing out. When we are stuck in this cycle of over-stimulating our senses, we trigger the hormones of stress in our bodies and minds. Cortisol and adrenalin levels surge, activating our fight or flight response in our sympathetic nervous system.

We begin to process our lives in a state of constant stress, regardless of what’s happening around us.

Over time, our bodies and minds can become addicted to the stress and we end up in a negative feedback loop that often results in some chronic disease. More importantly, we start to feel a void inside ourselves, a disconnect with our nature and life itself. The pleasures of the material world can try to fill this void but inevitably fall short. Can spending time in the unknown help us fill the void in our hearts?

The answer is YES.

If I dare say, Winter solstice, the unknown darkness is THE medicine for our time! We could use a good healthy dose of it!

The problem for most of us is when we begin to make space in our lives to either meditate or take on a practice of doing no-thing. We initially feel bored. In comparison to all the buzz and brightness of our outer world, emptiness can be dull or flat to our senses.

This is why it is called a practice, because we are literally breaking the bond or habit of our old self. And to do so requires not just focus, time and energy but a PASSION. Hence the return of the light, the spark of light that occurs during winter solstice. 

If you want to know more on the HOW TO of creating this in your life, I recommend scrolling down and signing up for Daoist Taiji Stick Neigong class (special 7-week class)!

Until then I wish you all many blessings this holiday season.

With Gratitude,