The Energy of the Time


Shuang Jiang- Frost Decent

In the ancient Chinese calendar, the year is broken up into 24 segments to really understand the energetics of the seasons. As of October 23rd, we moved into what is called Shuang Jiang, Frost Decent.


In Shuang Jiang (Frost Decent), we have entered the last phase of autumn. The northern hemisphere is now experiencing less light from the Sun. This causes the energy of the Earth's qi to descend below the surface, storing the lifeforce in the roots, in the core. The cold will now be more present. You’ll see we’ve gotten the last days of warmth, the last colors, the remaining crops have begun to wither. Notice how this change in the environment affects our internal qi.


One thing that we all do to adapt to this change is wear warmer clothes. Wool will replace cotton. Parkas, scarfs and hats come out of the closets. It is recommended to also cover your feet by wearing socks, slippers and shoes, as floors and the ground are getting colder. This will help tremendously by making sure the qi in your meridians is protected from the cold (We will talk more about this in the coming posts).


Another thing that you can do to protect and strengthen your qi is to start eating and drinking warmer foods and drinks. This doesn’t necessarily mean hot, as in spicy, or that the temperature is really hot, but what it does mean is that the food is cooked, not raw. In the earlier phases of autumn we were able to still eat from the leafy vegetables and fruits, but we are now starting to put our focus on the roots and tubers: Squash, pumpkins, gourds, potatoes, etc. It is recommended that we cook these vegetables by adding spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, pepper, coriander, turmeric and cumin to give the food a little extra warmth.


You can also keep the body warm by drinking warming teas: oolong, pu'er, red teas, and black teas. Chai tea is also a good thing to ingest during this time because it contains a lot of the warming spices mentioned above. However, you’ll want to avoid white and green teas as they are cooling teas. Avoid ice in your beverages, as this will affect your digestive qi negatively.


There are still a lot more things you can do to protect your qi as the seasons change. For more practical tips, be sure to head over to the Healing Infusions group on Facebook by following this link .