Hi there, I'm Thomas. Welcome!

I'm an energetic healer, coach and meditation teacher. I'm also a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, qigong, taiji quan (aka tai chi) and bagua neigong. 

I have studied under the guidance of many masters but my greatest teacher has been my own debilitating chronic illness. 


As a child, I lived with a rare chronic auto-immune disorder that resulted in seizures and other painful neurological symptoms. I struggled to keep it a secret, desperately longing to fit in and feel "normal". My symptoms persisted into adulthood. After many disappointing - and sometimes traumatic - trips to the doctor, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I enrolled in acupuncture school and started practicing qigong, meditation and taiji quan. My body and heart were healing rapidly. The ancient art of Chinese medicine taught me powerful solutions to my many unanswered health questions. (To this day, Chinese medicine amaze me.)

I found my calling as a healer and it felt incredible.


Then in 2010, I awoke to a new nightmare. I had tremendous amounts of pain. I couldn't sleep or eat. I suffered from horrific bouts of anxiety and depression. My heart raced constantly and I couldn't think clearly. At my lowest I contemplated suicide but my wife and young son kept me going. 

After many tests in and outside the medical establishment, I found out that I had contracted Lyme disease and a number of other chronic infections as well.

My road to recovery and REAL training had begun. 

Due to my disheartening experiences with Western medicine, I turned to Chinese Medicine once again. I dove deeper into my meditation practices and began to find refuge and profound healing. I learned more about myself, and released old trauma and emotional wounds that were deep in my unconscious. Happiness, peace and a renewed wonder rekindled in my heart.

Today, I especially love working with heart-centered people who feel trapped by their emotional and physical pain and long to get their life back. 

My many years as a healer has taught me this: Everyone has the ability to heal themselves. I work and teach people the HOW of the healing process. My approach to healing is primarily working with the Heart and our stored unconscious beliefs. I believe that complete healing comes from within one's HeartTogether, we co-create a sacred space in which I guide and support your greatest healing through intuitive listening and heart-centered communication. 


9 things you probably didn't know about me

1. I think Macadamia nuts are the perfect food

2. I love a good Sci-Fi movie

(Boba Fett was my hero growing up)

3. I lived in a tipi in the lush mountains of North Carolina 

4. I got a scholarship to play college baseball...1st base was my jam

5. I ate cicadas in China, mountaineered glaciers in Patagonia, got bit by a bullet ant in Costa Rica, and drank grappe in Italy

6. I sewed my own buckskin pants for my wedding day

7. I raised 11 horses, 6 goats, 1 stubborn donkey and too many chickens

8. I'm known as an prankster among my friends

9.  One of my favorite things is to get lost in the woods



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