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Daoist Taiji Stick and Ruler Neigong (Qigong)





New 14-week series start Tuesday January 2nd & Thursday January 4th 2018!



Origins – The Sleeping Immortal:

by Dr. Henry McCann

Taiji Stick and Ruler Neigong is attributed to the Daoist Immortal Chen Tuan (陳摶). Also known as Chen Xiyi (陳希夷) and Chen Dan (陳丹), he was born in Zhenyuan, Henan Province in the last half of 9th century – the same birth location as Lao Zi (Lao Tzu). Between 900 and 930 Chen wandered around various mountains seeking instruction from Daoists and other recluses, a common practice of his day. He also stayed awhile on Wu Dang Mountain where he learned Daoist meditation and Daoyin techniques. Other tradition says that Chen was taught directly by Ma Yi Dao Zhe, the ‘Hemp Cloud Daoist’, and Lü Dongbin, the grand patron of Daoist alchemy. In 937 Chen was documented to be in Sichuan, and in the early 940s restored Yun Tai Guan monastery on Mount Hua in Shaanxi. Chen eventually died in 989 at age of 118.

As a result of his deep Daoist studies and personal cultivation, Chen developed great insights into the nature of the universe and the Yijing (I Ching, Book of Changes). Chen was said to have developed the famous Taiji symbol and was renowned for his accomplishments in mediation and Inner Alchemy. He developed the Taiji Stick and Ruler Neigong, as well as a set of Daoyin exercises that harmonize the body with the 24 seasonal nodes of the Chinese calendar. He was also a master of Sleeping Yoga, hence his nickname the 'Sleeping Immortal'.


Benefits from this Unique Training:

    1    The Taiji stick and ruler practice helps to prevent overuse injuries as it strengthens the wrists, tendons and muscles.

    2    It develops hand, wrist and arm strength.  If you notice that you are losing hand and arm strength in performing daily tasks, such as, turning the tap, opening jars and bottles, you will find a significant improvement after practicing the Taiji stick and ruler practice.

    3    It teaches you to feel and integrate your core strength with arm movements.  

    4    It improves coordination and balance.

    5    Taiji stick and ruler practice will improve your circulation. No more cold hands and feet!

    6    This practice will improve your digestion. Since your digestion system is the keystone for the rest of the physiology of the body, one can extend this to improving all systems of the body.

    7    Learn to nourish your QI! This practice will have lasting effects on your nervous system and your capacity to relax more profoundly.

   8    Practicing the Taiji stick and ruler neigong regularly will improve your internal power and Taiji quan skill without you even being aware of it.

   9    Cultivate a quiet mind and still heart.

(Please note that registering for one of the series grants you access to both Tuesday and Thursday classes, should you miss a class or choose to attend more than one Daoist Taiji Stick Qigong class/week.)


Putney Community Center -10 Christian Square, Putney, VT 05346


$325 check or cash ( if you already have a stick).

$370 check or cash ( if you need a stick). 

**If you are interested in registering for both Daoist Taiji Stick Qigong class and the Beginner's Hunyuan 12 Taiji quan class there is a discount price. Please register and see the payment options under the Beginner's Hunyuan 12 Taiji quan Class (scroll down for more information.**

Please note that all students must preregister before the start of the first class. This will secure your spot. The class fills up quickly, so sign up early. 

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Beginner's Hunyuan 12 Taiji Quan Form



(14 Weeks)

New class series starts Tuesday January 2nd 2018!

Space limited so sign up early.


Beginner's Hunyuan Taiji quan is a 14 week series that  introduces the principles of  alignment, balance, correct movement, qi (vital energy) cultivation. Each week participants will learn a new movement of the Hunyuan 12 movement Taiji quan form. Through dedicated practice, students will complete the form by the end of the series. Participants will also learn chan si gong (silk reeling) exercises to help open and relax the joints while simultaneously nourishing the vital qi and blood of the body. All are foundational practices to re-condition the mind/body connection, deepening one's capacity to relax, release stress, improve balance, and build core strength.   



Tuesdays 9am-10:15am  for 14 weeks


Putney Community Center, Putney, VT


$300 (new students)

$285 (returning students)

*Half off the price for students combining this class with Daoist Taiji stick Qigong class. 

New students  - $475

Returning students - $467.50

(For those that don't have a stick there is an additional cost of $45.) 

Please note that all students must preregister before the start of the first class. This will secure your spot. The class fills up quickly so sign up early. 

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Payment Options

Send a check to:

Thomas Garbarino 314 Putney Mountain Rd., Putney, VT 05346


Pay with PayPal online (there is an extra processing fee added to credit card purchases)